On what a Scientist is supposed to be

“Scientists are people of very dissimilar temperaments doing different things in very different ways. Among scientists are collectors, classifiers, and compulsive tidiers-up; many are detectives by temperament and many are explorers; some are artists and others artisans. There are poet-scientists and philosopher-scientists and even a few mystics. Obligative scientists must be very rare and most people who are in fact scientists could easily have been something else” – Sir Peter Medawar, The Strange Case of the Spotted Mice and Other Classic Essays on Science

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Aindrila Mukhopadhyay

Head, M-group. Senior Scientist, Biological Systems & Engineering, LBNL, VP Biofuels and Bioproducts, JBEI. Adjunct Faculty SOLS, ASU. Adjunct Prof. Comparative Biochemistry, UC Berkeley.

EMAIL: amukhopadhyay at lbl dot gov

Currently reading: No  time to spare by Ursula Le Guin


Research Scientists

Dr. Thomas Eng553555_810673940768_1539758969_n

Research Scientist, Biological Systems & Engineering, LBNL

EMAIL: tteng at lbl dot gov

Ph.D. Molecular and Cell Biology, UC Berkeley, 2015

B.S. Biology, MIT, 2007

WEBSITE: https://www.linkedin.com/in/engthomas

 FAVORITE SCIENTIST: a tie between Rosalind Franklin and Dr. Horrible (unclear if he REALLY has a medical degree)

Postdoctoral Fellows


Dr. Deepanwita Banerjee

Postdoctoral Fellow, Biological Systems & Engineering, LBNL

EMAIL: dbanerjee at lbl dot gov

Ph.D. Biological Sciences, CSIR – National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India, 2018
M. Tech. Biotechnology, National Institute of Technology Rourkela, India, 2009
B. Tech. Biotechnology, MDU Rohtak, India, 2007


Dr. Jing Huang

Postdoctoral Fellow, Biological Systems & Engineering, LBNL (Keasling and Mukhopadhyay Groups)

EMAIL: jinghuang at lbl dot gov

Ph.D. Biology, Tsinghua University, 2017

B. S. Biotechnology, Beijing University of Chemical technology

 Research Interest: My primary goal is to express and assemble engineered biocatalyst inside cells and use them to synthesize unnatural products. In addition, I am also interested in the development of transcriptional factor based biosensors

Dr. Russel Menchavez

Postdoctoral Fellow, Biological Systems & Engineering, LBNL

EMAIL: RNMenchavez at lbl dot gov

Dr. Aparajitha Srinivasan

Postdoctoral Fellow, Biological Systems & Engineering, LBNL

EMAIL: asrinivasan@lbl.gov at lbl dot gov


Graduate Students:

Megan Garber

Graduate Student, Comparative Biochemistry, UC Berkeley

EMAIL: megarber at lbl dot gov

Ph.D. Comparative Biochemistry, UC Berkeley (expected 2021)

B.S. Biomedical Engineering, UC Berkeley (2013)

WEBSITE: https://www.linkedin.com/in/megan-garber-a3b488102

Research Associates

Alex Codik

Research Associate, Biological Systems and Engineering Division

EMAIL: acoodik at lbl dot gov



Javier Menasalvas

Research Assistant, Biological Systems and Engineering Division

EMAIL: jmenasalvas at lbl dot gov


Visiting Scholars

Jeff Czajka (WUSTL)

SCGSR Fellow 2021

EMAIL: jjczajka at lbl dot gov

We are always happy to have visiting scholars! Please contact us to find out how to become a visiting scholar at LBL and in our group.

Alumni and Former Visiting Scholars